Love Making Positions For Couples

The real truth is that most men watch porno movie for education and do not have a clue as to what they are doing. You do not and should not get your information from a porno movie. The people who see on the screen are doing shot after shot so they can get it right. You on the other hand only have one shot in the bedroom to perform well. There are many techniques that you can use for better love making and it is always best to stay away from a porno movie for education. You must understand that the movie that you watch has been dubbed over many times and the length of the sex is usually much shorter but in the movies they can put scenes together and make it look amazing. I real life however we can not do that and it is always best to know some great positions so that you will not be disappointed in the bedroom.

You need to know that a women loves to climax as much as a man does. She need for her lover to communicate with her through an Orgasm so that it is done correctly and she reaches a climax.

First it is always good to communicate with each other because often too many times couples get used to the same things and this can cause a very boring and unsatisfied sex life. The clip is a great position where the man will lie flat and the woman will be on top it works well because the man can play with the woman's clitoris and G Spot area at the same time, this will allow for maximum pleasure. Also another great position is the 90 degree were the woman will wrap her legs around the man, this position is good because the man can apply pressure to the woman and this will allow for great stimulation and will make it easier to climax and have a great orgasm.